• Patented Hybrid Design Combines Flexion - Distraction + Decompression Simultaneously
  • Up to 3X’s MORE TRACTION
  • Up to 3X’s MORE VELOCITY

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Greatest advancement to Flexion-Distraction in the past 50 years!

Axial Trac is a true hybrid chiropractic table. It's an adjusting table, a flexion-distraction table, and a decompression table. Axial Trac is the all in one chiropractic table to meet your needs.

Axial Trac ™ employs a new technology patented by W. Patrick Danzey, D.C. This chiropractic table combines variable amounts of long axis (axial) traction with each flexion stroke. The hallmark of Axial Trac™ is a sliding upper pelvic section that is mechanically forced into distraction as the table is flexed. The traction handle is fixed to a non-sliding portion of the pelvic section so it does not move away from the doctor.

There are three electric motors; one for table elevation up to 34”, one for spring tension and one to pre-select the amount of long axis traction. A multi-position headpiece is standard. Cervical drop, thoracic drop, lumbar drop and break away thoracic sections are available. Dr. Danzey has been utilizing flexion distraction for 25 years and realized the need for on demand additional traction. The technique is performed manually, allowing the amount of additional traction delivered with each flexion or lateral flexion stroke to be determined by the doctor’s feel and the patient’s tolerance. Table calibration allows the doctor to record the amount of enhanced flexion distraction given on each visit. The Axial Trac™ chiropractic table combines the best aspects of flexion distraction and spinal decompression in one multipurpose adjusting table.

The technique is highly specific allowing the doctor to target individual spinal levels and right or left sides. This is accomplished utilizing manual contact and lateral flexion. The design goal was to maintain this level of target site specificity while being able to deliver up to three times more traction than a conventional flexion distraction table.

Table Specifications:

  • Dimensions of table 73"L x 24"W
  • Elevates from 19" to 34"
  • Weight capacity 350 lbs.



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  • Up to 3 times more traction
  • More specific decompression
  • Hands on technique done to patient’s tolerance
  • Height to 19" - 34”
  • Electric foot controls for height, tension, and amount of traction
  • Multi-functional tilting headpiece
  • Lumbar/thoracic and cervical drops
  • Break-away thoracic section
  • Naugahyde Coverings-see photos for selections